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Faith Tomlisson (Like)

Hi I’m Faith Tomlisson and I’m the baby of the bunch!

Growing up, I was lucky enough to live in Cyprus, Germany and Saudi Arabia, so I used to love coming home to the UK on holiday every year and listening to the radio!

I’ve always wanted to be a presenter, and moving to the UK and doing a week’s work experience at Like Radio when I was 17, which fuelled the fire even more (so was well worth my very embarrassing first ever show). I’m also currently working towards my degree in Television & Radio at University.

When I’m not on the radio or studying for uni, I usually spend my time either at the gym, cooking or binging a new Netflix show; and on my time off I love driving home to my family and 2 dogs.

Join me on Like Weekends, 11am - 3pm where I’m most likely talking about new TV shows or food!

Twitter/Instagram - @faithtomlisson

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