Like Radio is going International!

After 6 years broadcasting within various locations across the U.K, Like Radio is going International!


Why are we doing this?

We constantly monitor our online streams. This has shown a large number of listeners from many countries across the world. So, we've have decided to roll Like Radio out to as many places we can!

Other than Apple Music, we believe, no other station delivers content for the whole world - so let's do this!

Our first aim is to make Like ONE of Europe's most recognised English speaking radio brand.


How are we doing this?

We have teamed up with many partners to help us deliver Like Radio under licence from here in the U.K. Unless the local Licensee decides to opt out of the programming provided, content will be delivered from our new state of the art studios in Stockport. However, Like Radio's output will always be 100% English language.


Where will Like Radio be available outside of the UK?

Like ONE will initially launch on FM in:

- Malaga and the Costa Del Sol

- Mallorca

Like ONE will launch on DAB in:

- Malta

We have many other locations planned for 2022, so keep checking back for that! Until then, you can pick it up online via the many different methods!


When is Like Radio launching in the new areas?

We have received the relevant regulatory approvals to broadcast, and test transmissions have started, in which you can listen to on this site!. The formal launch for Like ONE will be very soon, when we also launch the 3 new services:

- Like Pop

- Like Chill

- Like Retro

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