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All I Know So Far [Luca Schreiner Remix]

Weekend Anthems with Paul Willett

Paul lives with his wife, two children and two rabbits, who always give him something to talk about. He spent 4 years of his life studying at the university in Salford and Birmingham (all of which was very showbiz), but after qualifying to be a TV engineer made the strange decision to forget about that and play songs and talk rubbish on the radio for a living, all of which didn't need time spent at university for, but it was good fun...

More recently Paul has developed an unhealthy addiction to doing quizzes, and prides himself on knowing a little about a lot (he really needs to prove this by going on The Chase).

You can catch Paul from 7am to 11am on Saturday & Sunday for the best throwbacks and anthems on the Like Radio.

Twitter - @WillettsWorld

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